Stephanie Walker

MAX Transit spotlights Stephanie Walker in observance of Women's History Month!

MAX Transit spotlights Stephanie Walker in observance of Women’s History Month! Learn about her efforts to improve public transportation through policy and staff development.

What does your work consist of?

My current role involves overseeing agency adherence to all Federal Transit Administration regulations and managing federal, state, and local grant programs.  Asset Management, Grants, Internal Audit, Title VI, DBE, and ADA all fall under my purview.
Why are you passionate about the work that you do?

Being in a senior leadership position in which I am afforded the opportunity to set policy, help improve the quality of lives of employees and customers, and also help staff develop professionally, is something that drives me.
How are you challenged in your field/industry?

Regulations consistently change. Staying current, connected, and engaged is a must in this field and in transit as a whole.
How do you overcome your challenges?

I like to put a positive spin on things…F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise).
How is being a woman working in your role unique?

Transit is still a male-dominated industry, however, more women are in leadership positions and have seats at the table to catapult mobility forward.
What is your vision for the future?

​My consistent career objective is to be of service, to make a difference. In the next three years, I plan to secure a similar executive role within a fellow transit agency or serve as a transit consultant.

I am en route to sparking a flame that will improve, impact and ignite transit for years to come.