Bracie Smith

MAX Transit spotlights Bracie Smith in observance of Women’s History Month!

MAX Transit spotlights Bracie Smith in observance of Women’s History Month! Learn from Bracie how having the right attitude and approach can positively impact work productivity and personal fulfillment.

What does your work consist of? 

In brief, it consists of all the duties that go along with supervising the Fixed-route and Paratransit call center agents and their Team Leads. That includes training, counseling, coaching, mentoring, scheduling, and team building as well as providing support for customer issues or requests. 

Why are you passionate about the work that you do?

I knew when I came here on the first day that this specific job at this specific company was where I am supposed to live out part of God’s purpose and plan for my life. I have never doubted it and my passion comes from staying focused on my life’s purpose and trying to make sure that whatever I do here makes a positive difference in someone’s life on a daily basis. 

How are you challenged in your field/industry?

I am challenged by the fact that the “every day” of this job is new every day. By that I mean each day is different and most of your planning has to be fluid (which can be good and bad). You have to easily adapt and be ready for anything. 

How do you overcome your challenges?

I overcome challenges by not allowing them to become excuses as to why I can’t succeed. I am always reminded that the Spirit within me allows me the ability to rise above any challenges that I may face. It’s really true that your attitude determines your altitude

How is being a woman working in your role unique?

Well, I don’t think being a woman in customer service is actually is unique…not even in the transit industry. What can be unique is the approach one brings to it. I approach it as a calling, a purpose, and a responsibility that I am committed to and take very seriously. I also, remember to enjoy it and look for ways to have fun in it.

What is your vision for the future?

I am about five maybe seven years close to retiring from a work-life and my goal is to leave BJCTA knowing that I made a difference here. Personally, I want to spend more time with my amazing husband and family doing things that we have created on our bucket list. 

I am en route to living every day like it is my last and finishing strong what has been a beautiful life’s journey with very few regrets and a whole lot of gratitude.