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BJCTA Media Kit

Access Media from the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority

For media inquiries, please contact:

Amanda Hare, Marketing & Communications Manager
Email: ahare@bjcta.org
Office: (205) 961-5634
Cell: (205) 734-2468
Website: www.maxtransit.org
For Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, please contact BJCTA’s Interim Director of Human Resources
Contact (205) 521-0101 for Human Resources
Media Guidelines

  • Members of the media are welcome to take pictures/video and capture sound at BJCTA bus stops, which are within the public right-of-way. Please notify the Director of Communications in advance, if feasible.
  • Request for press conferences or interviews should be coordinated by the director of communications. www.communications@bjcta.org
  • Please do not block bus stops or accessibility for passengers boarding/alighting.
  • Please contact the Director of Communications if you wish to ride, interview, or take pictures/video inside a BJCTA bus.
  • Please only show passengers who give their consent when taking pictures/video inside a BJCTA bus.
  • Operators may only be shown if they give their consent.
  • Operators may not be interviewed without their consent and BJCTA’s approval.
  • If there is an interview on the bus, it should be coordinated by the director of communications. When doing an interview, please remain behind the white line while the bus is in motion.
Commonly Requested Stats:

  • 70 Transit Vehicles, 40 Paratransit Vehicles, and 31 Support Vehicles (Vans, Wreckers, Trucks, SUVs, Etc.)
  • 64 Fixed Route Transit Vehicles use CNG fuel
  • 40 Paratransit Vehicles use CNG fuel
  • Approximately 300 employees
  • Fixed Route: 96 Full Time Operators, Paratransit: 33 Full Time Operators, and Part Time:2 Fixed Operators (June 2020)
  • Since December 2018, BJCTA has operated more than 4.7 million miles with CNG Vehicles (June 2020)