Sybil Green

MAX Transit spotlights Sybil Green in observance of Women's History Month!

MAX Transit spotlights Sybil Green in observance of Women’s History Month! Sybil wears many hats and holds many professional titles including executive assistant (BJCTA), engineer, motivational speaker, published author, and member of the National Association of Professional Women. Learn how faith and determination play a role in her professional achievements and ambitions for the future.

What does your work consist of?

My work is never consistent. A typical day could include the following:
·        Providing support to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as needed
·        Assisting Human Resources with New Hire Orientation and onboarding like scheduling potential applicants and interviews
·        Approving employee’s payroll hours
·        Compiling weekly and monthly reports
(Above are a few items I handle before lunch) 

Why are you passionate about the work that you do?

I am passionate about my administrative work because it gives me the ability to assist, organize and help others. I am a firm believer that if you find something that you are passionate about, and make it a career, you’ll never work a day in your life! In essence, you will be doing something you enjoy, and someone will pay you to do it! 

How are you challenged in your field/industry?

There are several challenges in this field including:
·        Managing the executive calendar, schedule, and workload. If managing more than one executive, conflicting priorities become a major challenge.
·        Communication (clear and concise instruction are vital)
·        Keeping your skills competitive
·        Functioning well under pressure
·        Being proactive
·        Finding the answer if not provided
·        Strategic support
·        Flexibility to adapt to change & extra responsibilities.
·        Performing well in stressful situations

How do you overcome your challenges? 

In my career, I’ve overcome many challenges through faith, motivation, and family. Also, I’ve enhanced my skill set by choosing to further my education which earned me a Network Engineering Degree. Classes like “How to perform well under pressure” and “How to handle conflict in the workplace,” both helped me. 

How is being a woman working in your role unique? 

It is unique to work as a woman in this field because it’s easy for a woman to be organized, professional, focused and driven. However, it was very unique to graduate as the only African American female in my Network Engineering class.

What is your vision for the future?

My future vision is to be one of the leaders in this agency. I see myself helping to drive the Growth of Max into a new era.

If you want True Joy, choose the path of honor, pride, self-esteem, respect, and opportunities. Choose to be a Professional in all aspects of work and life. I have. 

I am en route to excellence by becoming a true professional for life!