Mikesha T. Harvill

MAX Transit spotlights Mikesha T. Harvill in observance of Women's History Month!

MAX Transit spotlights Mikesha T. Harvill in observance of Women’s History Month! Learn about the important work that she does and what makes her passionate about doing it.

What does your work consist of?

My work consists of the oversight of the agency’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VI, and DBE programs. I work to make sure that we are in compliance and following the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Why are you passionate about the work that you do?

I am passionate about helping people and making a difference. I believe that I am doing that by educating my colleagues about the importance of the ADA, Civil Rights and other areas I am responsible for.

How are you challenged in your field/industry?

I am challenged by how I can make things better than they are now. I am seeking to learn as much as possible about my areas of responsibility so that I can make improvements that hopefully benefit everyone.

How do you overcome your challenges?

I overcome my challenges by taking time to slow down and learn as much about the situation as possible. That may mean reading more on the subject or calling on my peers in the industry to gain their insight. I then take everything that I learn and apply it to solving the issue.

How is being a woman working in your role unique?

I believe that I bring a warmth and compassion to an otherwise cut and dry subject. Compliance is very cut and dry. Either you are in compliance or you are not. There is not many grey areas. However, the ability to relate to the many people I interact with and show compassion and genuine concern, while being direct and educating them is my unique quality. It is not always about the message, but the delivery.

What is your vision for the future?

My vision for my career is to continue to learn and grow. I aspire to be a chief and help others to grow in their careers, as well.

I am en route to Greatness!