Meet Our Executive Team

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Christopher Ruffin - Interim Executive Director

Christopher Ruffin started his transportation career at the BJCTA as a Fixed Route Operator in 2010. In August 2016, Christopher was promoted to the Director of Operations. He holds both a Commercial Driver License from Bevell State Community College and an Emergency Medical Technician Certification from Jefferson State Community College.


“MAX Transit is unapologetically putting dignity behind the steering wheel.'

Christopher Ruffin

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Adrian Solomon - Chief Of Staff

Adrian Solomon has been with BJCTA for six years. She was initially hired as the Customer Service/Marketing Manager. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Public Relations and Masters of Public Administration & Marketing.

' Live life to make a difference daily.'

Adrian Solomon

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Alisha Mitchell - Interim Executive Assistant

Alisha Mitchell has been employed with BJCTA since 2015. She began her career at BJCTA as a Transit Clerk in the Planning & Development Department. Alisha brings with her eight years of military experience and an Associates of Science Degree in Human Resource Management.

'Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives'

Alisha Mitchell

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Dale Knutson - Director of Safety


Dale Knutson, TSSP, has been with the BJCTA since 2013. In this role, he leads a team responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all of the BJCTA employees. Mr. Knutson was the first person in the state of Alabama to obtain his TSSP credentials. Mr. Knutson holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the Mankato State University, in Mankato, Minnesota.

'S- Search for the hazards. A- Analyze the risk. F-Find the cause. E- Eliminate the cause. Now you are in a safe organization.'

Dale Knutson

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Myrna J. Pittman - Director of Customer Care and Marketing

Myrna J. Pittman has been with MAX since December 2017.  Her background includes 33 years at Southern Company in numerous leadership capacities.  She is a graduate of the business school of NC A&T State University, did graduate work at Mercer University and completed executive leadership training at both Emory University and Harvard University.


“God has a plan for our lives that is to serve others; as we serve, we in turn grow and better understand our purpose in life.”

Myrna J. Pittman

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Toney Chestnut - Director of I.T.

Toney Chestnut Sr. joined BJCTA July 2016 as the Director of Information Technology. Prior to joining MAX, Toney had over 10 years of experience providing strategic leadership and directing the overall planning, organizing and execution of all IT-related functions. Toney Chestnut Sr. has a Bachelor of Science in Network Security and Associates Degree in Network Engineering.

“Never stop trying to figure out what’s next.”

Toney Chestnut