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Passenger Feature Canaryl Provitt

Webster’s Dictionary defines loyal as being faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, or product. When I met Canaryl Provitt, I felt like I met someone who knows all about being loyal to MAX. Canaryl is both a fixed route and paratransit customer. He is an active member on the Transit Citizens Advisory Board (TCAB). He is an amazing human being and he has a beautiful spirit.

Canaryl has been a part of the Workshops Inc. program for over 20 years. He is an assembly worker for Birmingham Fastener through Workshops Inc. Canaryl depends heavily on public transportation. He is wheelchair bound, but that doesn’t stop him from independent. 

MAX Transit is a service that helps Canaryl stay independent. He is excited about all of the new technology and updates that MAX Transit has introduced this year. He has the MAX MyStop app downloaded on his smartphone when for he uses our fixed route service; and he has recently been trained to use MAX Mobility to schedule his paratransit rides. This service will be available in January 2018.
Canaryl says, “MAX’s drivers are very nice and courteous, and they are like family to me.” We couldn’t appreciate a better rider and we are going to keep pushing things to the MAX!