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Customer of the Week- Mr. LeAndre McClain

Meet Mr. LeAndre McClain, our customer of the week!

McClain has been riding the MAX service over four years and thinks its “unique in its own little way.”

He thinks the new changes MAX is making are good and he loves the new MAX MyStop Mobile app. “The app is great because you can track your bus and not have to rely on customer service to locate it,” McClain adds.

“It is dependable and reliable transportation. They get you where you need to go, but not always on time,” he states. His suggestion for improving service is to improve timeliness and the quality of operators.  He shares that the system needs more operators who truly know the city and the routes. This will help with customer service and on time performance.

His favorite route is the 280 because of all of the shopping areas.

We thank LeAndre McClain for his patience and positive attitude.  Congratulations, you are our customer of the week!


Mikesha Harvill Mikesha T. Harvill is the Marketing Specialist at BJCTA. She is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She earned her Bachelor of Business from Faulkner University and is currently a graduate student studying communications. She loves to encourage and uplift people. When Mikesha is not working, you can find her reading, or enjoying time with her family.