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IFB #19-06- Engines and Transmissons QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
  1. Could you be more specific on the make and model of the engines being requested in the bid? Or provide part numbers?
BJCTA Response:             These are Ford part numbers.       2016 F550 Complete engine part number——GC3Z6007D                  2016 F550 Transmission part number——–9G3Z7000GRM                 2017 E450 Complete engine Part Number——-GC2Z6007F                 2017 E450 Transmission Part Number——–HC3Z7000A                 2018 E450 Engine Long Block Part Number——–BC3Z6006C                 2018 E450 Transmission Part Number———-HC3Z7000A                
  1. Are the engines in the front or rear of bus?
              BJCTA Response: The engines are in the front  
  1. Are you wanting turn-key engines or to have your engines re-manufactured?
               BJCTA Response:  Turn Key

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RFP #19-05 Transit Bus Advertising Addendum 1. RFP 19-05 Q&A
  1. Can you please provide net revenue BJCTA received for bus advertising each of the last 5 years?
BJCTA ResponseWill Provide info  by 2/25/19
  1. Can you please provide the total advertising sales generated each of the last 5 years?
BJCTA Response:  Will Provide info by 2/25/19  
  1. What is the current revenue % share between BJCTA and vendor?
BJCTA Response: 55% of Gross Revenue  
  1. Paragraph C on page 6 states that direct apply vinyl will not be allowed on the New Flyers. Does that mean only full wrap advertising is not allowed or is it stating that all advertising options such as half wraps, king kong, super king will not be allowed on those buses and only standard kings, queens, and tail signs that secure in frames are allowed on the New Flyers?
BJCTA Response: Only standard kings, queens tail signs that secure in frames  
  1. Do all buses currently have advertising frames on them? – who owns the current set of frames
BJCTA Response: YES, BJCTA owns  
  1. Do all fixed route buses rotate routes on a daily basis or are buses assigned routes and remain on those routes for extended period of time?
BJCTA Response: Fixed route buses rotate routes on a daily basis   Please provide a list of all advertising clients, the quantity and type of advertisement, monthly revenue, and contract end date by advertiser. BJCTA Response: Not Known / 3rd Party Vendor  
  1. Will BJCTA be getting new buses during the contract period?
BJCTA Response: YES  
  1. Will advertising, including direct application and full wraps be allowed on any new buses entering the fleet?
 BJCTA Response: Not yet Determined  
  1. Paragraph P on page 12 indicates BJCTA is requiring a percentage share of no less than 65% of revenue to BJCTA. Is 65% of gross revenue a requirement or is BJCTA open to alternative bids.
  2. BJCTA Response: YES
11. Please provide the previous 3 years annual sales history by month for exterior and interior advertising. BJCTA Response: Please Follow:   12. Please provide the previous 3 years payment history, showing the annual guarantee and the associated revenue share over the minimum paid in each year by the current vendor. BJCTA Response: Please Follow:   13. What is the contract start date? BJCTA Response :Around May 6, 2019   14. Please provide a list of scheduled advertising billings, if any, which extend beyond the current agreement. BJCTA Response: None, the current contract will be extended due to the Evaluation and Board approval.   15. DBE participation is encouraged but no specific DBE goal is stated for this RFP. Please confirm there is no specific DBE percentage required. BJCTA Response: Our goal is 10% but not required   16. Page 6, Section C indicates direct vinyl will not be permitted on New Flyers. Please clarify what advertising is permitted on the 42 New Flyer buses. BJCTA Response: Inside and Outside Frames Only 17. Please provide a copy of the current agreement and any addendums between the transit agency and the current advertising vendor. BJCTA Response: Please Follow:   18. Please describe the scoring methodology used to determine the winning proposer.  Point system BJCTA Response: Criteria is as Follows:
  1. Resposivess of Technical
  2. Experience & Qualifications
  3. References DBE
  4. Cost/Price

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Questions / Answers
Q: Compensation – What is the target cash compensation for the Executive Director? Will there be a performance bonus? What does the relocation package look like? A: The Board of Directors has not made this info available yet, They  will release more information to  successful bidder.

Q:Board – Which board members are on the search committee?
A: All 9 Board members will vote on the new executive Director once the firm has presented candidate options.

Q: Does your website include all current board members?

Q: In Section 1.17.c.2 there is a reference to a start date of October 1, 2015. What will be the target start date?
A: The Language was in error, the revised language states: a timeline clearly indicating how much time the Proposer will need to execute the search methodology once the target date is set by the BJCTA Board of directors.

Q: Has BJCTA ever used an executive search firm? If so, which firm, when and for what position(s)?
A: No

Q:Which other search firms are responding to this RFP?
A: This information is not known at this time

General Information
The City of Birmingham, Alabama (City) requests Proposals for the manufacture and delivery of Ten (10) 60-ft Low-Floor CNG Buses and related products and services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Request for Proposal (RFP). This solicitation can be downloaded following the link below. RFP Solicitation #19-16 BRT Vehicle Procurement RFP Solicitation No. 19-16 BRT Vehicle Procurement – Addendum 1