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The City of Birmingham (City) desires to select a Program Management Services Consultant Firm for their new Bus Rapid Transit Service. The selected firm will be responsible to provide overall project management including coordination with the City, the FTA, design consultants, and all other stakeholders as well as developing monthly costs, and schedule update reports. The project includes approximately 10 miles of high capacity public transit in the City of Birmingham, Terminus Station to be at each end and 32 curbside station platforms along the route.

Bid #20-17 “RFQ for Program Management Services”

RFQ #20-17 Addendum No. 1 

RFQ #20-17 Addendum No. 2



General Information

Questions / Answers
Q: Compensation – What is the target cash compensation for the Executive Director? Will there be a performance bonus? What does the relocation package look like? A: The Board of Directors has not made this info available yet, They  will release more information to  successful bidder.

Q:Board – Which board members are on the search committee?
A: All 9 Board members will vote on the new executive Director once the firm has presented candidate options.

Q: Does your website include all current board members?

Q: In Section 1.17.c.2 there is a reference to a start date of October 1, 2015. What will be the target start date?
A: The Language was in error, the revised language states: a timeline clearly indicating how much time the Proposer will need to execute the search methodology once the target date is set by the BJCTA Board of directors.

Q: Has BJCTA ever used an executive search firm? If so, which firm, when and for what position(s)?
A: No

Q:Which other search firms are responding to this RFP?
A: This information is not known at this time

General Information
The City of Birmingham, Alabama (City) requests Proposals for the manufacture and delivery of Ten (10) 60-ft Low-Floor CNG Buses and related products and services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Request for Proposal (RFP). This solicitation can be downloaded following the link below. RFP Solicitation #19-16 BRT Vehicle Procurement RFP Solicitation No. 19-16 BRT Vehicle Procurement – Addendum 1

General Information
RFP #18-12 Bus Bay & Parking Lot Cleaning

1. Question: Should the price in this section (DBE Letter of Intent) be shown as a yearly combined total for all components of the work listed on the price form?
BJCTA Response:  Yes, this price can be shown as a yearly total percentage of DBE intent.  If you provide the DBE intent for “per cleaning”, it will be honored also.

2. Should the price for the Maintenance Facility Parking Area and the Intermodal Staff and Public Parking Lot be quoted as quarterly or yearly quote since the “per cleaning” is indicated under each year?
BJCTA Response: BJCTA is requesting what will be charged per cleaning for the entire year.

General Information
The RFQ below is for Bus Stop Facilities Design Services. This RFQ is administered by the City of Birmingham and placed on MAX Transit’s website for advertisement and can be downloaded from this site. Download – RFQ for West Community Transit Center Design Services_20180518 NOTICE TO PROPOSERS: Future addenda and updates to this solicitation will be available for download at the following sites: City of Birmingham: https://www.birminghamal.gov/ BJCTA: https://maxtransit.org/category/%20announcements/solicitations/ Birmingham Transit Program: http://birminghamtransitprogram.org/opportunities/ On behalf of Andre’ Bittas, Director of City of Birmingham Department of Planning, Engineering and Permits UPDATES & ADDENDUMS Download – RFQ for West Community Transit Center Design Services – Addendum 1 2018_0716