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RFQ for BRT East & West Stop Facilities Design Services, by City of Birmingham, Planning, Engineering and Permits Dept. on December 15, 2017

The RFQ below is for Bus Stop Facilities Design Services. This RFQ is administered by the City of Birmingham and placed on MAX Transit’s website for advertisement and can be downloaded from this site.

RFQ for BRT East-West Stop Facilities Design Services

The City of Birmingham released an update to RFQ for the BRT East and West Stop Facilities Design Services. Copies of the updated documents are below. Future addenda and updates to this solicitation will be available for download at the following sites:
City of Birmingham:

Birmingham Transit Program:
On behalf of Andre’ Bittas, Director of City of Birmingham Department of Planning, Engineering and Permits

RFQ for BRT E-W Stop Facilities Design Service Q&A