General Information

Information Technology Specialist

DEPARTMENT: Information Technology
REPORTS TO: Chief Information Officer

The Information Technology (IT) Specialist is responsible for maintaining computer information systems, modifying systems to improve production or workflow, or expanding systems to serve new purposes. Information management will relate to all aspects of BJCTA's operations planning, monitoring, testing, accounting, forecasting, coordination, scheduling, and communication systems. Required to understand the capabilities of the organization's equipment and software and may be asked to provide recommendations regarding selection of new equipment or software packages. Assists BJCTA in realizing the maximum benefit from its investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes.

  1.  Assists leadership in directing and organizing all activities of information systems to ensure the effective, efficient, and secure operation of all information technology for BJCTA.
  2.  Ability to communicate effectively with administration and staff regarding computer problems, software/hardware upgrades, all other aspects of managing information & communication systems.
  3. Ensures that computer systems within the organization are compatible so that informationcan be shared. 
  4. Responsible for designing hardware and software to allow the free exchange of data; networking the organization's computer systems to allow users at all locations to retrieve data and information from a mainframe or server.
  5. Performs network modeling, analysis, and planning; researches related products and makes necessary hardware and software recommendations. Focuses on the interaction between computer and communications equipment.
  6. Designs, develops, and maintains the organization's website and the server, responsible for all technical aspects of the organization's website.
  7. Recommends, designs, and implement system security.
  8. Recommends operating policies and procedures for company-wide systems.
  9. Assists administration in developing short and long-range plans.
  10. Prepares project-phase plans, schedules, and cost estimates as directed.
  11. Stays abreast of current IT and advancements.
  12. Advises management on IT needs.
  13. Troubleshoots IT functional deficiencies.