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MAX Transit Paratransit Customers

Effective of January 28, 2020, MAX Transit will begin using a new software to handle reservations and other business for paratransit customers. That new software is ECOLANE and it will enable us to serve you better. We have listed below some of the changes that you can expect to see with this implementation.

  1. Calling in for your ride
    Continue to call 205-521-0180 or 205-521-0101, option #2 to make your reservations with a Customer Care Associate.
  2. Information
    It is important that we build your passenger profile correctly. Initially you may spend a little more time on the phone with the Customer Care Associate as they input all your information into the system. When we gather that information, it will be stored in our system which will shorten the length of future calls to schedule your trips.
  3. Change of destination
    When making your reservation, it is important that we are given the correct destination. You cannot change your destination after you have boarded the bus.If you decide you want to go to a different location after you have made your reservation, you must call back in and cancel your original trip and book a new trip. This is very important as once you board the bus there are only two options (A) go to your original destination or (B) be marked as a No Show.
  4. Number of passengers
    f you are traveling with a personal care agent (PCA), or anyone else, you must inform the Customer CareAssociate of how many people that are in your party when you make your reservations. Our buses will have assigned trips according to how many seats are open on that bus. If you do not let us know in advance, some in your party may not be able to board with you. If you do not board, you will then be considered a No Show and will have to call back in and reschedule your trip.
  5. Pick up times
    When you call to make a reservation, the Customer Care Associates will ask for your appointment time or when you wish to arrive at your destination. The Ecolane software is designed to calculate what time you need to be on the bus in order to reach your destination prior to your appointment time.


We apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may cause and thank you for your cooperation.  We do expect to have a smooth transition and as stated earlier, we will be able to serve you better with this new technology. If you have any questions, please contact us at 205-521-0180 or

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