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Safety and Security

Safety & Security works to ensure the protection of all customers and employees at BJCTA facilities and on MAX buses. All incidents concerning safety/harassment will be addressed according to policy including rude and irate customers. In addition to safeguarding BJCTA property, Safety & Security is also responsible for training operators on pre-trip and proper operations of vehicles so that every passenger experiences a pleasant trip.

Department Head
Mr. Christopher Brewster
Director of Safety
  • Message from the director “safety is not just a word we say or something we do, but the way we live”
  • All incidents concerning safety/harassment will be addressed including rude and irate customers as BJCTA policy states: threats or acts of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion which involve or affect BJCTA employees or which occur on BJCTA property will not be tolerated.
  • Rotating widget on page with general safety tips:
  1. “See something say something”
  2. “Safety is as simple as A, B, C… Always Be Careful”
  3. “When road conditions change, decrease your speed and increase your following distance”
  4. “Always keep your eyes moving”
  5. “Always get out and look before backing”
  6. During periods of flooding, “if you can’t see the ground, turn around and don’t drown”
  7. SAFETY, SERVICE, SCHEDULE. The proper order of service
• How-to videos (ex. Proper on boarding, etc.)
***The videos in question can possibly be developed for various scenarios that address BJCTA specific concerns