COVID-19 Updates

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Steps BJCTA Has Taken to Protect Customers and Employees

  • Face Coverings are required on all MAX buses and at facilities.           
  • Social distancing requirements are enforced on MAX buses and at facilities.           
  • Passengers must board the bus through the rear entrance unless a lift is required.           
  • High-touch points on buses are sanitized at upon arrival to Central Station throughout the day.           
  • High - touch points in Central Station are sanitized hourly.           
  • Everyone is encouraged to practice healthy hygiene when coughing or sneezing.           
  • Public meetings and press conferences are available to the public via dial-in and online.        
  • Essential employees were provided Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including face masks and gloves.           
  • Masks are required in all common areas.           
  • Temperatures must be taken and recorded each day for all persons entering the facilities before beginning work.           
  • Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.           
  • No gathering of more than 3 people in any office or cubicle depending on size.           
  • No more than 5 persons are allowed in the Operators lounge at a time.    

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