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BJCTA Unveils Ambitious Five-Year Plan at Inaugural State of Transit Address

The Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) is set to make waves in the transportation sector with its inaugural State of Transit Address, scheduled for January 8, 2024. Under the leadership of Executive Director/CEO Charlotte Shaw, BJCTA aims to outline a comprehensive five-year plan that promises to revolutionize transit in the region.

“MAX is creating new pathways to better connect our riders to their destinations,” declared CEO Shaw. “We’ve made significant strides in evaluating our services and implementing necessary changes during our initial planning phase, resulting in notable growth. But there’s still much more to be done, and we have exciting initiatives to share.”

One highlight of the event will be a morning demonstration featuring autonomous vehicle (AV) innovator, May Mobility. May Mobility’s groundbreaking approach to AV technology involves collaborating with cities to enhance public transit and fulfill its mission of creating safer, greener, and more accessible urban environments.

“Autonomous vehicles represent the growth of technology in transit,” Shaw emphasized. “We’re thrilled for Birmingham’s transportation leaders to experience an autonomous ride right here in the Magic City.” May Mobility’s technology has already facilitated over 350,000 autonomy-enabled rides across urban, suburban, and rural areas, showcasing its efficacy in modern transit services.

The State of Transit Address will feature executive leaders providing updates on various departments such as Planning, Operations, and Technology, reflecting BJCTA’s commitment to adapt to changing times and enhance customer experiences.

“Times are changing, and we are realigning our strategies to meet the evolving needs of today’s riders,” Shaw explained. “We look forward to outlining our strategic plan for the next three years.” Attendees will have the opportunity to view new vehicle designs and experience a live demonstration of BJCTA’s soon-to-launch integrated mobile app.

The event will culminate with a keynote address delivered by Executive Director/CEO Shaw, offering insights into BJCTA’s vision for the future of transit in the region.

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