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Meet Our Employee of the Week- Sanchez Lee

Have you ever encountered someone who made you feel like royalty?  I’m talking about someone who made you feel like you would offend him if you refused his help. Sanchez Lee fits that description perfectly and this explains why he is our employee of the week!

Sanchez is one of the most helpful employees at MAX.  Affectionately known as “Chez,” there is no task too big or small for him to tackle.

Sanchez began working for the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) in 2011 as a member of the janitorial staff. While performing job duties, colleagues always saw him singing with a smile on his face. He is observant and attentive to his coworkers and the needs of customers. He is quick to ask if someone needs help or a cool drink on a scorching day.  “Chez” is dependable and dedicated. He quickly gained the attention of BJCTA board members and staff because of his strong work ethic and positive attitude.

The most important thing that motivates Sanchez is knowing he is a living testimony of God’s saving grace. Because he understands that fact, he is appreciative and takes pride in whatever task he is assigned to do. “I know that I am blessed and I desire to be a blessing to others,” he says.

One of his many talents is singing, which he says he has been doing all of his life. 

He is a lover of words and loves to play Scrabble, as well as read and watch sports.


Mikesha Harvill Mikesha T. Harvill is the Marketing Specialist at BJCTA. She is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She earned her Bachelor of Business from Faulkner University and is currently a graduate student studying communications. She loves to encourage and uplift people. When Mikesha is not working, you can find her reading, or enjoying time with her family.