RFP #18-10 Public Relations & Communications Services

RFP #18-10 Public Relations & Communication Services

RFP #18-10 Q & A’
Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this?   (like,from India or Canada)
BJCTA Response:  Yes, companies out USA can apply as long as the Buy America threshold of $100,000 is not exceeded. 

Question:  Is it required to come onsite for meetings?
BJCTA Response: Meetings can take place via Teleconference and Skype

Question: Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA?
BJCTA Response: Yes, only if all the needs of BJCTA are met.

Question: Can we submit the proposals via email?
BJCTA Responses: NO, proposals can only be sent by courier, UPS, FedEx or US Mail.  ALL proposals must be received by 10:ooam  on proposal due date.