General Information
IFB #19-06- Engines and Transmissons QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
  1. Could you be more specific on the make and model of the engines being requested in the bid? Or provide part numbers?
BJCTA Response:             These are Ford part numbers.       2016 F550 Complete engine part number——GC3Z6007D                  2016 F550 Transmission part number——–9G3Z7000GRM                 2017 E450 Complete engine Part Number——-GC2Z6007F                 2017 E450 Transmission Part Number——–HC3Z7000A                 2018 E450 Engine Long Block Part Number——–BC3Z6006C                 2018 E450 Transmission Part Number———-HC3Z7000A                
  1. Are the engines in the front or rear of bus?
              BJCTA Response: The engines are in the front  
  1. Are you wanting turn-key engines or to have your engines re-manufactured?
               BJCTA Response:  Turn Key